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Why Global Neuro

Why Global Neuro

Every year 22.6 million patients suffer from neurological disorders or injuries that warrant the expertise of a neurosurgeon, of whom 13.8 million require surgery. There are around 49,940 neurosurgeons in the world and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) forms 60% of their workload.

Anthony Figaji - Founding member - on the value of Global Neuro

Danilo's story

Country: Colombia
Patient: Danilo Pechene
AGE: 33 Years Old

Danilo Pechene is a father of two young children. He had an accident that could have ended his life. When he was leaving his work on his motorcycle, he was involved in a traffic accident and suffered a severe TBI with acute subdural hematoma and great cerebral edema. Global Neuro played a fundamental role in providing training in the type of procedures to the neurosurgeons, that saved his life.


Neuro specialists are saving lives and Global Neuro is serving neuro specialists by providing high quality education to strengthen their proficiency and improve their decision-making skills. Preventing unnecessary disability and death.


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Why we do it


Million Patients


Million Require Surgery



60 %

of their workload

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