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Global Neuro provides education — accredited in countries where applicable—is a knowledge leader in Neurotrauma education and offers Complex Cranial Access and Neurovascular education.

How we do it

OUR EDUCATIONAL OFFER BUILDS ON HIGHLY ESTEEMED FACULTY AND CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVED CURRICULA developed according to patient’s needs by surgeon expert groups supported by education specialists.

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ALL CURRICULA ARE CONTINUOUSLY EVALUATED AND IMPROVED. Courses enjoy an excellent reputation, and always include state of the art treatment summaries and teaching is interactive with case- and discussion-based training. On many occasions practical exercises are featured with either skull models or life surgery or surgery in a wet lab setting or anatomy.

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Optimized educational experiences

  • Ensure our events are designed to address the patient problems and the needs of our target audiences.
  • Address all stages of a career: from training, to early years in practice, to experts.
  • Integrate the latest science of education for designing, implementing, and evaluating quality education.
  • Provide measurable results from an outcome-driven approach.

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