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Event Details

Open for registration

Global Neuro Course—Neurotrauma

at the ICP 2022

  • 13 - 14 November 2022
  • South Africa | Cape Town
  • Anthony Figaji University of Cape Town
  • Nico Enslin Red Cross Children’s Hospital
  • Registration fee: EUR 500.00
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Course Chairs: Nico Enslin, University of Cape Town, South Africa Anthony Figaji, University of Cape Town, South Africa

  • Anthony Figaji
    University of Cape Town 
  • Nico Enslin
    Red Cross Children’s Hospital  
South Africa
Cape Town
Cape Town Neurosciences Institute at the University of Cape Town
Cadaver practicals, Interactive case discussion, Lectures, Small group discussion
Target audience

The Global Neuro Neurotrauma Course has been developed for residents, surgeons, and physicians who manage cranial neurotrauma. 


This 1.5-day Global Neuro event will covers the current best strategies and considerations for multimodality monitoring techniques (including intracranial pressure, cerebral perfusion pressure, autoregulation, brain oxygenation and microdialysis), neurosurgical and general management of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and relevant anatomy. 

The content is delivered using comprehensive lectures, interactive case presentations, and cadaver lab practical sessions. Sessions will include drill work, cranioplasty techniques, bolt, and monitor insertion and offer further opportunities for participants to have hands-on experience with neurosurgical techniques for neurotrauma.


The Global Neuro Neurotrauma course covers the theoretical basis and practical principles that are the foundation for managing cranial neurotrauma. 

By completing the neurotrauma workshop, participants will be better able to: 

  • Perform ICP monitoring and interpretation to guide treatment interventions
  • Incorporate the principles of cerebral autoregulation into management goals
  • Manage cranial neurotrauma in adult, pediatric, and polytrauma patients
  • Conduct advanced neuromonitoring
  • Plan and perform appropriate operative treatment (eg decompressive craniotomy, cranial reconstruction)
  • Plan and perform the following operative techniques: burr hole, ICP monitor and EVD placement, decompressive craniotomy, dural enlargement, cranioplasty and ventriculostomy procedures
  • Manage common complications, such as bleeding, expanding intracranial hematomas, swelling, infection, and hydrocephalus
  • Become familiar with international neurotrauma management guidelines

Global Neuro, Maria Andrea Escobar, Email:

Registration fee
EUR 500.00
  • ICP 2022 participant discount (20%)
  • 1-day Lectures only discount (60%)
  • HICs resident discount (20%)
  • LMICs discount (70%)
  • 1-day Lectures only HICs resident discount (50%)
  • 1-day Lectures only HICs resident discount for ICP 2022 participant (60%)
  • 1-day Lectures only discount for ICP 2022 participant (20%)
  • LMICs discount for ICP 2022 participant (76%)
  • 1-day Lectures only LMICs discount (70%)
  • HICs resident discount for ICP participant (36%)
Included items
Coffee breaks, Course bag, Course materials, Lunch

40 seats

Cancellation Policy: 50% until 30 days before the event. No refund thereafter


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