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Global Neuro Online Certificate Course—Fundamentals of Neurotrauma Care for Nurses

Launching in Q1, 2024 (Date TBC)

  • 22 January - 22 May 2024
  •  | Online
  • Karen March Independent

The online certificate course in Fundamentals of Neurotrauma Care will allow nurses to receive up to date content from the experts that developed most of the actual medical evidence in the field and will also allow scheduled online interaction for students, led by our network of neurotrauma nursing experts.

  • Karen March
Online Education
Lectures, Interactive case discussion, Q&A session
Target audience

This Global Neuro course has been developed for nurses dedicated to the integral management of Neurotrauma, as well as complex and interdisciplinary patient care. 

English, Spanish

This online certificate course program will be a combination of lectures, tutorials, case studies and skills videos to increase participants' basic understanding of evidence-based practice in neurotrauma. The self-paced video lectures will be available in a repository for remote access during the 3 months duration of the program. Web-based discussions will be set up in specific time slots to allow students from different time zones to participate in live discussion sessions. Discussions will be available in the repository to be accessed after the real time sessions.

Recommended reading material is provided in advance to enhance the interactive learning experience. 

Course program

The program is organized in 11 modules, 66 lectures, 8 skills modules. These will be evaluated with a multiple-choice test with a minimum required score of 70%. At the end of the 11 modules a final exam evaluating the content of the whole program will be performed online.

The final grade will be a sum of the module’s exams (50%) and the final exam (50%). The minimum required score to obtain the certification will be 7.0 / 10 (70%).

By completing this course, participants will be better able to:

  • To demonstrate an understanding of neurotrauma epidemiology worldwide and how different types of injuries can affect patients in different age groups.
  • To develop an improved knowledge of anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology following injury of the brain and spine.
  • Critically analyze the evidence base that supports the nursing care for patient with External Ventricular Drains
  • To develop appropriate assessment and management skills for the neurotrauma patients in within different resource availability, utilizing protocols, guidelines, consensus, and evidence-based interventions in delivering patient care and improving outcomes.
  • To develop the appropriate nursing skills to apply to the prehospital, emergency care, surgical, critical care, post-acute and rehabilitative care of neurotrauma patients.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of care required in complex cases and in neurotrauma care related complications.

Global Neuro, Ximena Rodriguez
Phone: +13217322199, Email:

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