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Educational Content


Here you can view a selection of our past webinars and watch them again. They have been organized with dedicated Global Neuro Faculty. ​​​​Watch and learn from their knowledge and expertise!

Global Neuro Webinar - Emerging Concepts and Practical Applications in TBI-Multimodality Monitoring

NB: Credit Expiration: September 27, 2021 Faculty: Gregory Hawryluk, Randall Chesnut, Ramon Diaz-Arrastia, and Fabio Taccone. The Faculty, Global Neuro and CME Outfitters staff have no financial relationships to disclose. This activity has been...

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Global Neuro Webinar - Cranioplasty - Guidance in Neurotrauma Care

This webinar provides an update and general guidance for several issues related to cranioplasty: 1) Cranioplasty in children after TBI 2) Clinical Benefits of Cranioplasty 3) China's perspective 4) Consensus in Cranioplasty for TBI patients –...

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Global Neuro Webinar - Essential Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: Practical Advice from Expert Consensus

This webinar series addresses the strong interest in the SIBICC severe Traumatic Brain Injury (sTBI) algorithms and assists their dissemination and appropriate implementation. The algorithms are the result of the Seattle International Severe...

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Global Neuro eSeminar - Monitoria de la PIC en adultos con TCE

For Spanish speaking Neurosurgeons: El eSeminar cubre las mejores estrategias y consideraciones actuales para el monitoreo de la presión intracraneal (PIC) en pacientes adultos con trauma craneoencefálico (TCE), mediante presentación y...

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Global Neuro Webinar - Neurosurgical Special Report 2019-nCoV

Neurosurgical practice during the pandemic–Learnings from the world's most affected countries. Featuring 7 Neurosurgeons active in 6 affected countries, providing practical advice varying from how to set up and organize different departments for...

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