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Global Neuro Course—Neurocritical Care and Neurotrauma

  • 19 - 20 October 2024
  • Japan | Tokyo
  • Shoji Yokobori Nippon Medical School
  • Eiichi Suehiro International University of Health and Welfare, School of Medicine
  • Hiroshi Karibe Sendai City Hospital
  • Takeshi Maeda Nihon University Hospital
  • Atsuhiro Nakagawa Tohoku University

  • Shoji Yokobori
    Nippon Medical School 
  • Eiichi Suehiro
    International University of Health and Welfare, School of Medicine 
  • Hiroshi Karibe
    Sendai City Hospital 
  • Takeshi Maeda
    Nihon University Hospital 
  • Atsuhiro Nakagawa
    Tohoku University 
Asia Pacific
日本医科大学付属病院 Nippon Medical School Hospital
Artificial bone practicals, Lectures, Q&A session, Small group discussion
Target audience

本コースは、普段から神経集中治療や神経外傷に携わっている、あるいはこれからしっかりと携わっていきたい脳神経外科医 /救急医を対象としています。専攻医の先生方はもちろんですが、専門医の先生方にとっても充実したセミナーになると思います。また、 ICUに携わっている看護師や薬剤師の方々にもわかりやすい解説を行い、チームの連携をさらに高める場としたいと思います。

This course is aimed at neurosurgeons and emergency physicians who are actively involved in or aspire to become involved in neurocritical care and Neurotrauma. While it is beneficial for residents, we believe that specialists will also find the seminar enriching. Additionally, we will enhance teamwork within the ICU by providing clear topic explanations to nurses and pharmacists working in the ICU.


このコースでは、神経集中治療および神経外傷患者の最新の最良戦略と考慮事項に焦点を当て、特に高度な外科治療と神経モニタリングに重点を置いています。このコースは、Global Neuroのカリキュラムで定義された能力に基づいています。コンテンツは複数の方法を使用して提供されます。包括的な講義は、中核となる材料を理解し、外傷管理の知識を深めることに焦点を当てています。実践セッションでは、Global Neuroの原則の適用と一般的な怪我の管理を教えます。ケースベースのディスカッションは、講義資料と実践的なスキルを臨床実践で遭遇する臨床の問題と結び付けます。

The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine defines neurocritical care as “Intensive care aiming to improve neurological outcomes by implementing brain-directed management for conditions that can cause secondary brain damage regardless of the type of disease, including severe brain and neurological diseases.” How do we understand the brain to practice brain-directed management? How to deal with it is important. In this course, leading Japanese faculty will answer this question in an easy-to-understand manner. We will also invite global opinion leaders in this field to explain current topics in neurocritical care and neurotrauma.

This course covers the current best strategies and considerations for managing neurocritical care and neurotrauma patients with a special emphasis on advanced surgical treatment and neuromonitoring. The course is based on competencies defined in Global Neuro’s curriculum. The content is delivered using multiple methods. Comprehensive lectures concentrate on understanding core material and deepening the knowledge of trauma management. Practical sessions teach the application of Global Neuro principles and the management of common injuries. Case-based discussions link the lecture material and practical skills with the clinical problems encountered in clinical practice.


After the course, the participants will be able to 

  • 神経集中治療の有効性の理論的根拠を理解できる Understand the rationale for the effectiveness of neurocritical care
  • 脳神経モニタリングからのデータをより適切に解釈できる Interpret the data from cranial neuromonitoring more accurately
  • 貫通損傷、血管損傷、頭蓋底骨折を含む複雑な神経外傷を、集学的アプローチで管理する  Manage complex neurotrauma with an multi-disciplinary approach
  • 多機能プローブ、複雑頭蓋再建術、硬膜修復術などの手術手技を計画し、実施する Plan and perform the following operative techniques: multifunctional probes, complex cranial reconstruction, and dural repair
  • 刻々と変化する脳環境への適切な対応ができる Respond appropriately to an ever-changing brain environment
  • 重症の脳障害に対する最善の治療法を自信持って決定できる Confidently determine the best treatment for severe brain disorders

Global Neuro, Jenny Cheng, Email:

Included items
Coffee breaks, Lunch, Course materials

Cancellation Policy: 50% until 30 days before the event. No refund thereafter.

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